Nicki Minaj broke up with Meek Mill after "nuclear" fight

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Nicki Minaj

On her birthday, no less

A few days ago, rapper Nicki Minaj confirmed her reappearance on the singles market after a shock breakup with Meek Mill.

Now, details have emerged regarding the reasons for their split.

The former couple went to Turks and Caicos last month to celebrate Nicki's birthday, during which they had a "nuclear fight".

According to TMZ, Meek wasn't "paying attention" to Nicki, and spent the trip hanging out with his mates.

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After a huge fight, Meek left the island survivor-style, and Nicki broke up with him soon afterwards.

The unidentified source told TMZ:

"[Nicki and Meeks] weren't getting along in Turks and Caicos, because he was hanging with friends and not paying attention to her.

"She went nuts on him, he got pissed and left the island without her, and she said "Screw this," and ended the relationship.

"Just that simple."

Nicki Minaj

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The last few days have seen the usual genre of celeb-breakup rumours flying, such as suspicions the split was due to Meek's long-alleged infidelity with Sonye Rasool.

Instead, it seems this latest celeb breakup was an open-shut case of a guy not paying attention to his gal on her birthday.

Written By Kirsty Sier