A New Reno Show About Murder Homes Is Coming To A Screen Near You

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Cabin in the woods but make it liveable. 

When it comes to buying our dream home there are lots of things we want: decent block size, a nice safe suburb, maybe a pool. 

We most definitely do not want and will not buy a murder house - living with the ghosts of victim’s passed is not our idea of relaxed suburban living. And we’re pretty sure it’s not yours either. 

But, a brand new TV show plans to ignore this fact for our haunted viewing pleasure.

Deadline reports a new renovation show, called Murder House Flip, will follow a group of forensic experts, reno know-it-alls, and spiritual healers, to renovate and resell notorious murder homes across the United States.

Murder House Flip combines home renovations with the intriguing elements of a true crime series,” said series creator Josh Berman.

“Bringing healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces” is the aim. 

Getting someone to actually buy said murder houses is the game. One which we predict will fail miserably because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE IN HAUNTED HELL (see above). 

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The show is slated to premiere on Quibi, a yet-to-launch streaming service marketed at millennial viewers. 

There’s no word yet on whether Quibi will launch in Australia and this might be the first time we've felt relief that we might miss out on something. 

If you’re disappointed you might not get to watch Murder House Flip then good luck to you, your sanity and your future home buying partner. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi