Netflix issues warning to everyone doing a dumb viral thing called the Bird Box challenge

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Just don't do it, y'all!

When Netflix released its new Sandra Bullock-starring film Bird Box, they probably didn't expect it to be quite the sensation that is has been.

Not only did it break viewship records for the streaming service, the film's "everyone is blindfolded" premise also gave birth to 2018's final viral meme: the Bird Box challenge.

The gist is very simple, people blindfold themselves and attempt to do everyday activities (just like in the movie!) all for the sake of some internet notoriety.

As you may expect, this challenge has gone down the way of eating tide pods - it is dumb and occasionally dangerous.

Seriously, just check out some of the Bird Box challenge "attempts" on Twitter:

This "challenge" has gone so out of hand that Netlfix has had to step in and issue out an official warning telling everyone to not blindfold themselves.

No surprises there. Can't imagine the streaming service would want the thought of people blindly walking into traffic or into walls on the reg on their hands.

We also can't believe we're saying this since it's all based around a quirky movie premise but maybe don't do everyday chores and activities while blindfolded?

It's hazardous to your health and will lower your life expectancy dramatically. Plus, you look quite ridiculous in a blindfold no matter what your mum tells you.

So please, just don't do it, y'all!

Image Credit: Bird Box/Netflix


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Written By Alexander Pan