Nasser from Married at First Sight warns 2019 contestants in blunt letter

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Image: Channel Nine

"Every secret you've ever had is about to be exposed"

It seems 2018 Married At First Sight star Nasser Sultan isn’t done making headlines, and trust us, his latest foray back into our newsfeeds does not disappoint. 

The reality star has made headlines by dropping a diss track and even selling his selfies but this latest one has us SHOOK.  

In an exclusive to Woman's Day, the former MAFS contestant has penned some words of wisdom for the 2019 contestants -  which tbh may have scared a few off.

In the letter, Nasser calls MAFS “TV’s most dysfunctional show” and advises contestants “delete everything”. 

“Every secret you’ve ever had is about to be exposed… wipe your Instagram, get a new Facebook account and request every d*ck pic you’ve dared to send, to come back."

If that wasn’t blunt enough, Nasser goes on to defend himself against his villainous portrayal in the show, saying, “the producers will have the final say in how you come across and there’s nothing you can do about it … I was edited as a villain because I didn't want to sleep with my wife who happened to wear a wig."


"You're probably in the midst of being manipulated right now and have no idea... All I can say is: just go along with it.”

If you want to read the full juicy letter, click here for the OG. 

Nova has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

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Written By Josella Bray