The moment between Rami Malek and Nicole Kidman you missed at the Golden Globes

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Oooof, poor Rami...

Another year, another event-filled edition of the Golden Globes done and dusted.

There was Lady Gaga turning heads with her stunning dress, Christian Bale surprising/reminding everyone that he is actually British, and of course, Bohemian Rhapsody winning Best Picture (Drama) over A Star Is Born and causing fans to lose their minds.

However, there was one moment between Best Actor in a Drama winner Rami Malek and Nicole Kidman you may have missed, and hoo boy was it awkward.

Nicole was presenting the Best Picture (Drama) award, which as you know went to Bohemian Rhapsody.

But as Rami, his co-stars, and the film's producers headed onstage to get the trophy and speak to Nicole, the actor was met with the most brutal response.

It literally hurts to describe what happened so we'll let you witness the exceedingly painful moment here in its full, cringey glory:

Ooof, watching Rami trying and awkwardly failing to talk to Nicole not once but TWICE made us cringe so hard that our necks locked up.

In Rami's defence, it looked like Nicole simply didn't realise that Rami was trying to get her attention so it definitely isn't anything personal (hopefully).

But like the champ he is, Rami shook off the moment and delivered a heartfelt speech, thanking his family, colleagues, Queen, and of course, Freddie Mercury.

Given how Rami went home with the Best Actor gong in his back pocket and was part of the Best Picture win, we like to think that his non-interaction with Nicole is nothing more han just a blip on what was a great night.

Image Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images


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Written By Alexander Pan