Meet The Contestants Vying For The Heart of The Bachelor Australia

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If Osher’s excited, we’re excited. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s once again time for us to meet the lovely ladies competing for the heart of Australia’s most eligible bloke.  

This year’s Bachie, 31-year-old astrophysicist (ooh ooh) Matthew Agnew, will be trying to find The One on Australia’s fave TV guilty pleasure and as always, we’re here for it. 

Here’s all the goss we could scoop on this year’s The Bachelor Australia contestants:

Abbie, 23

The first woman introduced to the Bachworld asks Matt what he does for a living - and the exchange is HILARIOUS. 

"I'm an astrophysicist," he replies.

"Okay! I'm a Gemini," she returns.

We can’t wait to watch more of her.

Helena, 25

Hailing from Perth, the Mauritian-born wellness coach said she’s looking for a man who is:

“Brazen, dependable and brutally honest."

And considering she’s fluent in the language of love (that’s French, btw), it’s looking like she’s already a frontrunner. 

Sogand, 30

The Persian beauty is a civil engineer and SPOILER ALERT: Matt’s already proposed. 

Hey now, we’re just joking but turns out so is she ‘cause she’s sneakily asked him to repeat a phase in Persian that roughly translates into a question for her hand in marriage. 

Kristen, 24

It looks like astro boy Matt has a thing for bilinguals ‘cause this time our next contestant speaks Chinese. 

Kristen seems thrilled that he can *kinda* converse in Chinese , saying in the new promo:

"I can’t believe he can speak some Chinese!"

Based on some of the promo we’ve seen, Matt is going to have a tough time sifting through this year’s contenders. 

Fingers crossed we see lots and lots and lots of drama. 

The Bachelor Australia will premiere on Network 10 later this year. 

Image: Network Ten


Written By Izzy Cuyuca

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