‘Mean Girls’ Was Released 15 Years Ago So We Ranked The Fetchest Quotes

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It’s like we have ESPN or something. 

Mean Girls is the most quotable movie in the history of movies. 

How many quotes from the cult flick have stood the test of time? 

How do I even begin to explain Mean Girls? One time, it punched me in the face. It was awesome.

And by the way, Regina? Fetch definitely DID happen. 

We can thank Mean Girls for making October 3rd stand out, wearing pink on Wednesdays, and telling our boyfriends (see: anyone) that their hair looks sexy pushed back. 

We just have a lot of feelings, okay? 

So we ranked the best Mean Girls quotes (don’t @ us, or you can’t sit with us):

Don't like our ranking? 

Written By Brynn Davies