Matty J reportedly gets “turned down” after proposing to The Bachelor winner

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Could he end up alone...?

With three gorgeous ladies left, it seems like Matty J is about to get his happy ending.

Except, maybe not…

According to a new report, The Bachelor shocks everyone during the show finale and proposes to the winner – only to be brutally shot down.

While the source didn’t reveal WHO the winning lady was, they did tell NW Magazine she turns down Matty’s proposal because it was too soon.

“It was brutal. She just stood there for a while before she started crying and told him that she couldn't say yes - not yet.”

“She was trying to be realistic about the whole thing. Think about it - up until the day before, he had three girlfriends!”

“It was devastating because everyone wanted Matty to find true love. It's his biggest fear that he'll be single forever.”

According to the source, the shocking twist forced producers into damage control as they edited the episode to hide his “second heartbreak.”

If it’s true, fingers crossed they can just happily go on as boyfriend and girlfriend!

Written By Cassie Crofts
Image: Tim Robards / Instagram / Channel Ten

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