Married At First Sight have cast a ‘model tradie’ as their first groom

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Images: Samuel Ball / Instagram

The new series has started filming - and here’s your first look at groom number one.

Married At First Sight have reportedly been working overtime trying to top the drama of their last season - with Daily Mail reporting producers were still approaching women in Sydney last weekend, hoping to lure them into the controversial TV experiment.

But there’s one guy who seemed to pass auditions with flying colours.

Tradie-turned-fitness model Samuel Ball has been confirmed as the first official cast member for the sixth season, according to Daily Mail.

Images: Samuel Ball / Instagram

The 26-year-old has already started filming his back story packages for the show, and will be “married” to his pre-selected TV bride in September.

And, like most reality contestants ‘looking for love’ - he’s hoping for a career in television, having already appeared as an extra on Home and Away and Foxtel's Secret City.

Sam’s involvement on the show was leaked accidentally by MAFS executive producer Tara McWilliams, who posted a photo of senior story producer Peter Cunningham sitting next to a notepad featuring the top secret casting goss.

The notes confirmed Sam had “no work”, made a “firm commitment” to MAFS groom-dom and that the show had “found a match” for him - and that he’d be shooting backstory scenes between August 20 and August 31, at a rate of $150 per day.

Images: Samuel Ball / Instagram

While MAFS is now synonymous with controversy and on-screen drama rather than lasting love - the ratings are increasing with each coming season. Bring it on!

Images: Samuel Ball Tara McWilliams / Instagram

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