MAFS Star Susie Bradley Hits Back At Critics

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"I'm no Ines"

MAFS contestant Susie - known colloquially as 'the new Ines' - has finally addressed the hate she's been getting online.

The star, 25, has been criticised for her "toxic" behaviour on the series, particularly her treatment of 'husband' Billy (and lack of a shirt during the commitment ceremony, but that's another story). 

"Viewers are seeing about seven per cent of 100 per cent of mine and Billy's time, and they are forming their opinions on that and that's not enough to form an opinion on... so cut me some slack," Now To Love report her as saying.

"I'm not as bad as people think I am!"

The publication also report that a source close to Susie believes that the aged-care nurse isn't doing too well with the backlash:

"The trolling and the constant bullying has really started to affect her, she's not coping well," the source told Now To Love.

This isn't the first time a contestant has been reported as "not coping" following their time on the series.

According to Woman's Day, Ines Basic - who had a fling with Sam Ball - was struggling and lost weight after appearing on the series:

"She's lost about 12kg since filming finished – and she was tiny to begin with," a source told the magazine.

"Everyone's really worried about her."

Image: Instagram / Susie Bradley


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Written By Ally Parker