MAFS star exposed as an actor in cringetastic video

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Cringe level 10000.

Bet you thought you knew the word 'cringe'.

Bet you thought you'd seen it on MAFS, Bachie or heck, over Christmas dinner one year.

No. You know nothing Jon Snow.

Prepare to feast your eyes 'cause a video has surfaced showing MAFS star Mike Gunner showing off his acting skillz. Yes! The contestant, much like others in season past has been outed as an actor.

Whether he is acting on the series is a totally different matter.

But whether he's acting in the below? Watch for yourself:

"That spill just cost you your life!" - instantly iconic (and not to be confused with Monica Gellar).

Social media is going nuts after the video emerged of someone who appears to be the 44-year-old electrician in an eyepatch which... we kind of get.

This wouldn't be the first time a MAFS star has been accused or revealed to be an actor.

Last season, the Internet was sure Troy was an actor due to his odd behaviour and Gabby was revealed the have an actual IMDB resume.

Ahh... simpler times.

Image: MAFS / Instagram / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker