MAFS Star Mick Claims He Had Bedroom 'Fumigated' After Jess Visited

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Awkward just doesn't cover it.

We all know who had the roughest trot on Married At First Sight.

You may be guessing 'That poor camera guy who had to film that scene between Jess and Dan', but - while yes, that was eyeball cripplin' - you'd be wrong.

'Cause it's Mick.

The poor bloke got dragged through more weeks than he'd like on the series, even exclaiming, "Heavens to Betsy!" when finally freed from his shackles.

But one frontier remained; his tainted home.

And it wasn't all that purdy to start with TBH. A grown man with a bed shoved against a corner? No bueno.

Sensing a glow-up potential, Channel Nine (via A Current Affair) enlisted the help of interior stylist Danni Morrison who managed to transform the space (and maybe cleansed the bad juju with a bit of sage? IDK).

Presenting before:


While we personally would have commented on the monogrammed towel, another fan pointed out the one thing left to change:

"The only thing wrong with your room is that Jess has been there," the fan wrote.

And to which tea-spilling Mick responded: "Hence the makeover, fumigation and sterelisation [sic] process I had to undertake."

See you at the reunion, Sassy Mick.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker