MAFS Star Jessika Reveals Extent Of Plastic Surgery

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These days, it's hardly uncommon for reality TV contestants to have a bit 'o work done.

Like, it's weird if you haven't at this point ya know?

With this mind, it's no surprise social media has long been speculating about MAFS contestant Jessika Power.

Well, wonder no more 'cause she finally come out with the truth.

A newly-single Jess revealed on Instagram Q&A session that she has had lip fillers and recently underwent an eyebrow lift to combat dark circles under her eyes.

"I've had lip fillers," she revealed.

"I've also had a little bit of a brow lift after the show. 'Cause I have really bad bags and its taken the bags away like the tiniest little bits, it's the best thing I've done, I'm happy."

The news comes after Dan announced the two had split following an alleged hook-up between Jess and 2018 contestant. 

You can read it all here.

Image: Jessika Power / Instagram

Written By Ally Parker