Mat of MAFS reveals the real reason he split from TV wifey Alycia

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“I feel like I let Australia down”

In case you were out n’ about doing things and living your life last night (which, tbh, is overrated) chances are you were at home watching and cringing at MAFS

During Tuesday’s episode, Mat Lockett shattered his TV bride by calling time on their genuine and completely unforced relationship. 

Despite telling fellow MAFS contestants he was hoping to give the relationship a go, the reality TV star decided his ‘marriage’ which had been a thing for about five minutes was beyond salvaging and up n’ left. 

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Wifey Alycia reacted like this. 

MAFS Alycia Nine Network

Australian audiences responded in much the same way. Although, to be blunt, we won’t really miss him complaining all the time, so, eh. 

Mat spoke with The Daily Mail about his choice, sharing that he made the choice because “you can't force feelings” and his “heart wasn't in the relationship”

Which is a slight change from the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ spiel he gave on the show:

“This isn't going the way Alycia and I planned really, she is just the nicest woman in the world and I am the dirty plumber,” he said on the show. 

Here’s an idea: can we get rid of Davina and set Alycia up with Ryan instead?

Image: Nine Network


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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo