MAFS' Mick Reveals The Secret Scene Between He And Jess We Never Saw

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Mick and Jess

“I called my producer and wanted out straight away.”

Married At First Sight's Mick Gould has revealed the secret argument he had with 'wife' Jessika Power that never aired – and to be honest, it makes a lot of sense now!

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Mick took part in a Facebook Q&A where he revealed he once overheard a phone call between Jess and a friend during their honeymoon where she revealed her true motivations for being on the show.

“I overheard her friend say ‘Ohh, well seeing as you don’t like him just keep him there till the end, imagine the Instagram likes and follows you will have’."

If you remember all the way back to their honeymoon episode, Mick actually asked Jess if she was only on the show for Instagram and she got very defensive.

“There were more comments made by Jess like ‘the producers love me because I bring the drama. My story is going to be amazing, etc’.

“I called my producer and wanted out straight away but had to wait for a camera crew to come and confront Jess.

“This was all on camera but all they chose to show was me calling Jess a spoilt brat. Hence why there wasn’t much communication because I didn’t trust her.”

Knowing all of this must have made those last three weeks so difficult for Mick when Jess was forcing him to stay in the experiment so she could have her affair with Dan.

While the affair eventually came out and she insisted she got what she wanted out of the show, this didn't end so well for Jess, who got dumped by Dan last week just as the show came to an end.

Image: Channel Nine

Written By Marni Dixit