MAFS' Matt reveals what happened in the moments leading up to losing his virginity

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Matt and Lauren

"One thing led to another."

After 29 years of waiting, Married At First Sight star Matthew Bennett finally lost his virginity on his honeymoon with 'wife' Lauren Huntriss.

Things got off to a shaky start with Matt having to go to hospital because of his anxiety, but things certainly improved with the couple feeling closer than ever after the emergency trip.

Speaking with 9Honey, Matt revealed that once the cameras stopped rolling, he was a lot more relaxed and that having sex with Lauren "seemed natural" following a romantic candlelit dinner.

During dinner, Matt opened up about the death of a close friend, something he'd never shared with anyone before:

"I made myself emotionally vulnerable to her in a way I'd never done to anyone else before."

"I feel like we reached an emotional connection, and then it sort of just got to a physical point after that, so it was definitely a huge step in our relationship.

"It was like, I felt like I had really emotionally connected to someone, and then we just wanted to express that physically."

When they returned to the bedroom, Matt decided not to "overthink" things which helped with the performance anxiety.

"It was probably one of those times where, because I'm prone to overthinking things, it was one of those times when I didn't overthink things. Where I let my guard down, opened up emotionally, and then one thing led to another."

He added:

"I don't feel that it could have happened a better way than it did."

Matt also recalls the awkward moment of having to tell his family he was still a virgin before entering the experiment as he knew the secret would soon have to come out nationally.

"Once I knew I'd definitely be joining the experiment, and I knew what the focus would be, I sat them all down and had a very awkward dinner conversation and told them I was still a virgin."

"It's not something your parents want to hear at dinner."

He's one brave guy!

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