MAFS' Jessika Power Hits Back At Trolls Who Call her 'Fake'

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Smack down.

MAFS' star Jessika Power hasn't been shy about her foray into plastic surgery. 

The reality TV star - who might be headed to Love Island btw - however, doesn't dig it when fans and followers call her "fake".

In a chat with, Jess explained she gets annoyed by those who comment as such:

“I’ve always been told I look fake, even prior to having anything done. And without sort of blowing my own horn, it’s just because I am a pretty girl, people are calling me fake and putting my beauty down to procedures,” she told the publication.

“But I’ve had the smallest amount done. It’s not like I’ve stuffed my face full of Botox. I can still frown, I can still move my face, so I’m not full fake — and it confuses me.”

The perth-native also told the publication how she went "from a B cup to a D cup" following a $16,000 fat redistribution procedure, taking fat from the "stubborn pockets" on her thighs and moving them to her breasts.

Jess also explained the she made enhancements to her face before appearing on TV, including lip filler and a set of veneers.

These teeth were then replaced ( a cost of $25,000 according to after they were made fun of on TV.

“You can imagine my horror when I was ridiculed about them on the show,” she said.

“I had a brow lift recently because on the show I had quite bad bags," she added about post-show procedures.

"I also noticed on the show my cheeks looked shallow, which is why I had cheek filler in — it has plumped my face out and made it look fuller. I feel like I look healthier,” she said.

“But that’s all I’ve had done — that’s it. And everyone’s like, ‘its fake, it’s fake, it’s plastic’ which is annoying.”

Image: Instagram / Jessika Power


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