MAFS’ Elizabeth Is Completely Unrecognisable After FINALLY Ditching Those Hair Extensions

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She's like a totally new woman!

Ah Liz, the legendary faux pas of your (v. bad) hair extensions lived on long after you left our screens. 

But weep for good taste no more; the Married At First Sight favourite has come to her senses and ditched those ratty platinum locks.

And wait, there’s more! 

Not only are the extensions from hell a thing of the past, but so is preeeetty much everything else about her original look. 

She’s cut her hair into a sleek blunt bob, and dyed it a more natural-looking brunette. 

The brown colour actually appeared last month, with Liz also dumping her trademark heavy makeup for a pared-back eye and nude lip on multiple occasions. 


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During her time on MAFS, Elizabeth’s hair extensions became (almost) more of a talking point than her relationship with cheating boyf Sam. 


While we are absolutely HERE for the new do, we gotta say - Liz, we’re a little worried about your skin. 

The reality star has previously claimed the extensions were necessary to protect her scalp/ears from the sun as she lives with a Lupus-like auto-immune disease, even going so far as to liken them to a “hat”. 

We much prefer the new look gal, and if you’re concerned about your skin maybe it’s time to buy, like, an actual hat?

Written By Brynn Davies

We couldn't help but wonder...

"It's annoying as hell..."

Transformation trouble.