MAFS' Dan Reveals Exactly How Involved Producers Were In His Relationship With Jess

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Dan and Jess

“I have a lot of regret for some of the decisions I’ve made."

Married At First Sight's Dan Webb has done a lot of talking about his relationship with Jessika Power recently. 

First, he revealed the pair had broken up, then he claimed that Jess had cheated on him with former MAFS star Telv Williams.

Now, he's revealing just how involved the producers were in his and Jess' relationship while on the show. 

In a video obtained by Yahoo! Lifestyle, Dan revealed the producers didn't push them to be together:

“The producers never made us stay together, no. I was fully invested in Jess and I wanted something with her."

“But I’m not sure she can reciprocate the same answer that I’m given, but for me I was falling head over heels for her daily.

“Looking back now at all the way it’s come out on TV, I feel like a fool…I’m absolutely gutted by what she’s done.”

Dan also told the cameras how much he regretted cheating on 'wife' Tamara Joy, who actually messaged him to ask how he was after the awkward AF Talking Married interview:

“You live and learn… I have a lot of regret for some of the decisions I’ve made." 

“The feeling is regret about ever meeting Jess.”

The father-of-one added that there is "no way in the world" he will ever get back with Jess:

"I won't speak of her name ever again."

Dan has since deleted most photos of him and Jess together on his Instagram account, but Jess has left the happy snaps up. 

We wonder if Jess will break her silence on the breakup and the fresh cheating allegations?

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Written By Marni Dixit

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