MAFS: Another topless photo of Cheryl surfaces

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MAFS Cheryl

Cheryl Maitland has copped endless flak since hitting TV screens - we just see a confident woman who is proud of her body and won’t apologise for it.

The glamorous 25-year-old is known to Aussie TV audiences as the doomed bride of Andrew Jones on Married At First Sight - but a sneaky friend has different ideas for her image.

MAFS Cheryl

The above is the third image to be leaked in a month - what kind of friends does this woman have?

Regardless, the former topless waitress looks relaxed and happy - and told OK! Magazine she had “no regrets” about the leaked pics - even the one showing her snort powder off her chest, which she says was taken “out of context”.

Cheryl told NW she had a boob job after being teased about her flat chest.

“I hit puberty really late, and as a result, I was teased for many years for my lack of bust.

“So when I finished school I thought, I want to do this for myself and feel more comfortable in my skin, so I had a breast augmentation.”

She also revealed she got work done on her lips.

“I love full lips, it's a look I like and I think it looks good. I don't do it for anyone else but myself. It's my body, I can do what I want with it as long as it makes me feel good.”

That last sentence says it all really. Whatever, haters!


Written By Hayley