MAFS alumni Zoe and Erin go off at contestant Ryan for behaviour on show

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What do you think?

Tuesday night's episode of MAFS saw Ryan 1) do a rudey-nudey run on national TV and 2) get a tattoo of his 'ife' Davina.

Basically, good choices all 'round.

But we digress, we're here to talk about Questionable Choice #2, the tatt.

Ryan, being Ryan, got a tattoo of a mermaid - which he said was Davina Rankin but who knows really - before the squabbling pair got matching heart tattoos.

All while Davina is having a text relationship/meeting up with fellow contestant Dean 'Deano' Wells.

Since then, former MAFS stars Erin Bateman and Zoe Hendrix have laid into the pair on podcast Zoe and Erin Unfiltered:

"Never, ever, ever, ever ink your body, it's dumb, " said Erin. 

"Don't do it, it's stupid."

Zoe revealed that she had gotten a matching tattoo with her TV husband Alex while filming MAFS (it didn't make the final cut).

"I got a little star that's also on him. Very small. It wasn't of each others faces," she explained.

"WE DID some crazy things in the filming of MAFS that never made the cut. One of them was that we both got tattoos in honour of each other," she explained.

"I got the star that Alex has on his arm on my side. It was my first tattoo and it symbolised the connection I felt with him."

To bad it doesn't look like Ryan and Davina will have the happy ending Zoe and Alex did.

Let's just give ourselves permission to chill with some pics of Zoe and Alex's bub, Harper Rose:

Image: Instagram / Zoe Hendrix


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