Love Island Star Caught Faking Influencer Lifestyle

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Love Island Australia's Margarita Smith has been caught Photoshopping one of her photos on Instagram.

But unlike the Kardashian Photoshop fails of yore, this one has nothing to do with digitally altered noses or missing limbs.

Rather, Margarita has been called out for digitally popping herself into someone else's bedroom.

Emma Spiliopoulos a fashion and modelling-based Influencer spotted the image while "stalking the new girl from love island [sic]" and shared her find via Instagram Story.

"Stalking the new girl from love island [sic] and is it just me but why is one of her selfies photoshopped into my room?" she wrote with 'laugh crying' emojis.

At time of writing the Photoshopped image is still on Margarita's Instagram.

P.S. Below is Emma's bedroom, a near-constant backdrop across her Instagram feed:

Akward doesn't quite cut it, right?

Image: Instagram / Margarita Smith 

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Written By Ally Parker

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