The Love Island 'game' that went too far

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So, anyone who's watched Love Island Australia knows that it constantly teeters on the edge of what's appropriate for TV.

But this latest 'game'?

It's certainly taken things to a whole other level.

The 'game' (and yes, we will continue to use inverted commas) split the contestants into two groups, male and female (although you'd be forgiven for thinking them a single amorphous blob).

Both groups then played a game, disgustingly called, Every Hole's A Goal.

Anyway, what followed was players using - again - thinly-veiled excuses to mac on body parts. 

Tayla Damir, Grant Crapp, Erin Barnett and Eden Dally all pushed the envelope:

At least...

make it...

an actual game.

While understandably, we all indulge in this show for the purpose of sexy escapism, perhaps its time to drop the facade of a competition and call it what it is?

A thinly-veiled orgy.

Image: Love Island 


Conrad Sewell takes on Fitzy in rap battle:

Written By Ally Parker
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