Looks like Cheryl from MAFS went through a MAJOR transformation before the show

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She looks like a totally different person!

Twenty-five-year-old hairdresser and Married at First Sight contestant, Cheryl Maitland has quickly risen to become one of the standout personalities on the reality TV show. Her, er, direct manner (she told her first husband she wasn’t attracted to him) led to a few tense situations and she was the “mastermind” behind a major MAFS first – asking to be re-married to another single contestant, Andy. 

Cheryl MAFS

Chances are, even if you have only seen snippets of this season of MAFS, you’re probably going to recognise Cheryl’s face. But as it turns out, just a few years back, she looked absolutely nothing like she does now. 

A handful of old photos of the MAFS bride have surfaced from Instagram and in them, she looks totally unrecognisable. From her hair colour and makeup style, to her face and eyebrow shape, Cheryl appears to have undergone a complete transformation before appearing on the reality TV show.

Check out the snaps here:MAFS_Cheryl

Cheryl? Is that you?! 


The reality TV star has had a lot of wildly different beauty looks across the years (pictured second from the left above, you can see her as a blonde with bold smokey makeup), but one thing is for sure, the girl can get away with basically any hair colour! 

Images: Nine Network, @hotlikeasunrise / Instagram

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo