The little boy from Spy Kids just got married and you’ll never guess who to

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We didn’t even realise they were dating?!

First thing’s first: if you haven’t seen Spy Kids then go and do so now. 

Thank us later. 

Those of you who HAVE seen the 2001 film will understand our mix of confusion/excitement/fear at this news:

Daryl Sabara AKA Juni Cortez AKA the main little boy in Spy Kids just got married. 

Not only that, he got married to Meghan Trainor?!

As in All About That Bass singer Meghan Trainor.

As in this chick: 

We’re confused because since WHEN were they even a thing?! Are we just slow on the uptake? 

Excited because awww weddings. 

And bloody scared because AS IF he’s getting married, we swear it was only yesterday we were 10-years-old and wishing we had cool spy parents so we could be kick ass spy kids. 

According to People Magazine, the couple married in an intimate ceremony on Meghan’s 25th birthday (Saturday 22 December). 

“It’s the beginning of an awesome, whole new life,” Meghan told the publication.  “I got way more than I ever wished for.”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Daryl added. 

APPARENTLY, Meghan and Daryl first met where all good couples meet: at a house party. 

They hit it off but didn’t get involved until a good couple of years later when they were set up by mutual friend, actress Chloë Grace Moretz, aaaaannnd the rest is history. 

Well it’s news to us but ya know. 

Images: Spy Kids / Dimension Films, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi