Lisa Wilkinson just dropped an epic bomb about where she’ll be next year

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Lisa Wilkinson messaged Chrissie Swan the other day to inform her she’ll be “in Melbourne more next year”…


Lisa Wilkinson has been the talk of the town since she walked off the set of the Today Show last month, never to return.

It is speculated the lack of discrepancy between herself and co-host Karl Stefanovic’s pay came to a head during contract negotiations, prompting her decision to leave.

Since then, Lisa’s next career move has been the subject of wagging tongues - we all know she’s going to Ten, with co-hosting commitments with The Project… But nobody knows in what capacity.

Chatting this morning on Melbourne’s Nova 100, Chrissie Swan admitted she’d received a text from Lisa recently, revealing more about her placement next year.

Here’s what Lisa had to say… Watch the video below.

Written By Emily Whitham

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