Lindsay Lohan’s bar meltdown slammed as “disgusting”

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It’s been several months without incident, but Lindsay Lohan has made a come back of the worst kind.

Lindsay Lohan is making headlines for all the wrong reason this morning, after it was reported she spat in somebody’s face moments before allegedly racially abusing a barman in New York over the weekend.

Radar Online is reporting the 29-year-old and her sister B-lined to the toilets just moments after setting foot in Mnahattan’s Vbar on Saturday night.

“They were in there for around 20 minutes and then the bartender started knocking on the door and asked them to come out,” said a source.


“When they didn’t come out, he then asked them to leave and Lindsay became aggressive and belligerent. She started yelling at the bartender — who is originally from West Africa — ‘This is New York. You’re not from here’.”

Apparently other customers in the bar were pretty unimpressed by Lohan’s behaviour, encouraging her to leave.

“All hell was breaking loose and that’s when Lindsay spat in our friend’s face,” A source said.

“The bar then erupted and everyone was yelling at them to leave.”

What’s worse - Lohan tried to actually get back into the same bar later on, reportedly.

“Lindsay was slamming her hands on the windows. She was messed up,” a source told RadarOnline.


And yep, it gets worse.

Apparently one of her mates tried to get into a fight with the bartender.

“He got in his face taking a really aggressive stance and was threatening him,” a source said.

“Another person in the bar attempted to film it and then Lindsay’s friend stole her phone and ran out of the bar with it. We then chased him and restrained him till the cops arrived. It was madness.”

Oh. Dear. 

Bring back the old Linds!


Written By Emily Whitham
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