Lindsay Lohan Just Shared A Dropbox Link To The Masked Singer And We’re Not Even Surprised

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Oh Linds. 

Starting a new job is always scary. 

You're the new person, you have to ask all of the annoying questions like 'Where do I put my lunch?' and you're prone to making mistakes. 

So we feel for Lindsay Lohan on The Masked Singer, she's trying her best when it comes to guessing Aussie household names. 

But, she's definitely made a big f**k up and we've only just finished episode one. 

Obviously when you sign on to be a judge for a show you are probably required to do a few social media posts to promote it. 

Well, Linds accidentally shared the wrong thing for The Masked Singer. Instead of posting the promo video for tonight’s show she shared the Dropbox link to download it instead.


"Everything is happening."

It's been up for over 24 hours just sitting there for her followers to scratch their heads over. Clearly this job means a lot to her...

Our thoughts are with Channel 10 for the next few weeks but also, more Lindsay moments like this. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

"I can’t ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious.”

"He doesn't need an invitation."

"She has clearly aimed all her frustrations only at the people of colour."