Lil' Sophia Grace Of Ellen Show Fame Looks Unrecognisable These Days

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We officially feel old.

In today's edition of 'Good GAWD how old are we?!' a classic that will have you feeling like Crypt Keeper.

No, the Crypt Keeper's grandmother.

'Cause Sophia Grace Brownlee? That lil' British tot from The Ellen Show?

She's all grown up and posting fire pics on Instagram.

The now-16-year-old became a hit with her younger cousin, Rosie McClelland, when they covered Nicki Minaj's Super Bass in 2011. The OG video garnered 54 million views on YouTube and the resulting fame saw them get their own segment on The Ellen Show as well as singles, dolls and story books.

Which is cool and all but if we were having a casual scroll through IG, we wouldn't have recognised him:

On the flip side, Sophia Grace's cousin Rosie is a braces-clad 12-year-old making adorkable YouTube vids:

Image: The Ellen Show


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Written By Ally Parker

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