Leaked text messages show a VERY different side to Tracey and Dean

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Well, well, well...

It would appear there's a tad more to the story of Dean and Tracey than we all previously thought.

Daily Mail Australia have released what they claim are text messages between the former Married At First Sight couple which appear to show Tracey drunk messaging Dean despite telling him, "You don't deserve me," during MAFS.

"Can I text you something you promise never to show anyone cause I'm drunk... You've really got under my skin the past few days," the text from Tracey appears to say.

The messages continue in the image as follows:

Dean: "Awww oh well. Too bad you broke up with me at the final vows"

Tracey: "Is it too late? I'm only going to ask once"

Dean: "Tracey... u know that boat has sailed babe. I wanna be friends and i care about u a lot but that boat has sailed babe"

Tracey: "Yep I'm drunk. Please keep this between us promise?"

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While the text certainly appears legit, there is some doubt as to the veracity of the image due to the number of fake text message generators out there. Like this one which looks suspiciously similar.

There's also the fact 'Tracey' claims she is drunk but is able to type very well.

The story comes after it was revealed thet Tracey had dumped fellow MAFS contestant Sean Thompsen. She explained to New Idea that she simply wasn’t ready to move to Melbourne to make the relationship work:

“It was brutal. Because he works away and I’ve been away a lot, I had to wait until when I picked him up from the airport and I just told him straight away.”

“I couldn’t even wait for him to get into the frigging car.”

Image: Instagram / Dean Wells


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Written By Ally Parker