Leaked Pic Reveals GoT Prequel Deets And Fans Are Losing It

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It does look pretty official.

HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel has already begun filming under the working title of Bloodmoon, however, a leaked photo might reveal it’s the show’s actual title.

Bloodmoon was first revealed as the working title at the start of production, however, the leaked photo shows a logo’s been made for it, which would be pretty strange if it wasn’t the show’s name. You can see the photo at Watchers on the Wall.

Of course, the show might not actually be called Bloodmoon (or Blood Moon), but to reveal a logo on a production sheet does seem somewhat ‘official’.

The prequel is set thousands of years before the Game of Thrones series in a period known as the Age of Heroes. It’s when many of the Great Houses of Westeros (the Starks, Baratheons, and Lannisters) were first founded according to legends.

The show is reportedly going to explore the time when the myths of Westeros were first born and will likely also go into the origins of the White Walkers. For this reason, many people have been calling the series The Long Night – even author George R.R. Martin has referred to it as this but has previously clarified that it isn’t the actual name.

The Long Night was the title of Game of Thrones season eight episode three, but it also refers to a terrible period of time where the White Walkers ruled Westeros and roamed freely, killing humans and Children of the Forest as they wished.

Perhaps a Blood Moon signalled the beginning of the Long Night?

It’s from The Long Night that hero Azor Ahai is said to have saved the world, so it could be that the Blood Moon comes into the story that way somehow.

With production underway we’ll no doubt find out more very soon.

Image: HBO/Game of Thrones


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