Laura Marano Spills All The Tea On Noah Centineo

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And what would make her leave a date. 

Netflix is delivering some A+ teen rom-com flicks - To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Kissing Booth and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. 

Disney star Laura Marano is the latest to star in Netflix’s most recent flick, The Perfect Date.

The film follows a high-schooler named Brooks Rattigan (played by everyone’s internet boyfriend, Noah Centineo) who is in need of money for his college education. Brooks  gets paid to take out Celia Lieberman (Marano) which inspires him to start his own business where he takes out random girls on dates they custom build.

Not gonna lie, sounds kinda cool. We mean, who wouldn’t want Noah as their pretend boyfriend for a night? 

Nova Entertainment spoke to the beautiful Marano about her lead role and her reunion with Centineo.

Laura said she saw her character, Celia, as “a little Jennifer-Lawrence-esque.”  

"At night, after we finished shooting I would watch Jennifer Lawrence interviews in a weird way it kinda got me in that vein for Celia, she was just incredible, really engaging.

"There is just something about her when she's on screen, I've been following her since Winter’s Bone."

Celia is a character who walks to the beat of her own drum and pushes for the film’s viewers to remain authentic especially when it comes to social media:

"She was so fun, she's pretty dark, she's crazy sarcastic, smart but witty but really bitter, for me I read it and I instantly saw her as a whole likeable full character. I could see it right in the script what she could be capable of.

"Our film makes a pretty interesting case, it’s subtle, it’s about authenticity and being genuine, in a world where we have live up people’s expectation.

"Maybe I should post this or shouldn't say this because it won't get likes or get certain amount of attention. At the end of the day our try happiness is about following our gut and not who others think we should be." 

As for Noah? Well, the pair worked together back in their Disney days on Austin & Ally and Laura says she always knew he was destined for great things:

“I hadn't seen him since then really at all. Our first day seeing each other, he was just the same incredible, lovely guy like what he was at 16. Our conversations were more mature, we had lived a little bit more life, we caught up on our families and friends, it brought us closer. When you see him on screen he's literally that person. 

“He's so lovely and wonderful and it's been such a joy kind of seeing his career blossom because he works really hard. I think people deserve that.”

After finding out about Celia, we wanted to know more about Marano and what would make her leave a date. And her answers are spot on.

Bad Breath: “Wouldn't make me leave the date but I wouldn't kiss them at the end.”

On their phone the whole time: “I'm a very empathic, forgiving person, so it wouldn't make me leave the date but I wouldn't have a second date.”

Rude to the staff: “I hate when people are rude to anyone, I would bring it to the person's attention.” 

If they didn't like dogs: “I have a theory that I convince anyone to like the dogs.”

If they only talked about themselves: I’m a master in just talking about the other person I wouldn't totally mind that, again I would take note.”

If they didn't look anything like their profile pic: “I would probably run.”

If you found out they were paid to be there: “I’d be pretty weirded out and have a lot of questions, like who exactly was paying you? How did this come about? And then I would probably probably hit the road country upwards.” 

Not only is Marano smashing her acting dreams, but she’s a singer. She even  contributed two of her songs to The Perfect Date soundtrack.

“[It’s] something I have been wanting to do for so long. It was cool that I was able to connect my acting and music in just one project.”

Image: Netflix


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