Kylie updates fans on what her daughter’s REAL name is

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Kylie Jenner

Just hours after the big reveal, Ky drops some additional deets.

How are y’all doing? Have you recovered from the news that yes, Kylie Jenner was preggers and she’s now a mamma to an adorable little girl, or are you still screaming?

Still screaming? We thought so.

After uncovering the world’s worst-kept secret to her fans, Kylie has remained fairly tight-lipped about life as a new mum and the lil one she brought into the world. 

The only information we had been fed was that baby girl was born on February 1st and that her name is Stormi… 

Until now, that is.

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Jenner pulled a bit of a sneaky move and updated her post from earlier today, changing the caption from stormito stormi webster”

(Which absolutely in no way made us immediately think of the term “stormy weather".)

In case you’re wondering, Webster is Travis Scott’s legal surname. His real name is Jacques Webster and Stormi has obviously been given her father’s surname. 

Yes, we’re aware this is hardly breaking news, but we’re all grasping onto every little bit of information right now, so can you blame us?

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