Kmart's New Luggage Range Has Landed And It's Stylish AF

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*Books holiday to use new luggage.*

Kmart has always been our faithful friend, providing us with weekly bargains we can never get enough of. But 2019 is proving to be their best year yet.

The stylish-yet-affordable store has released a slew of products. We let out a squeal when we saw the $45 'Timeless Drinks Trolley' in January, our bank account cheered when the $35 nude trench landed just last week, and now we're frantically trying to book leave to use Kmart's latest product. 

They have released a luggage range and it is stunning. Kmart has absolutely nailed this line - it's gold, shiny, and has four wheels so you can effortlessly sprint through the airport when you're late for your flight.

It's so pretty. Just picture yourself waiting at the conveyor belt watching everyone's boring black luggage go by, and then yours appears. Your fellow passengers look at it in awe wondering 'Who's the stylish owner?' And then you pick it up (with ease) and a proud look on your face thinking, 'It was only $58'.

As you can imagine, this luggage will not be on the shelves for long, so if you want the above scenario to come true you’d better get your skates on. 

And while you're picking up your new luggage set, look out for Kmart's ultimate travel hack (and for just $9). Our beloved store sells packing cubes (or, as we say, lifesavers) which are multi-sized packing bags that let travellers condense and section all their stuff without unnecessary stuffing and squeezing.

Thank you Kmart, thank you.

Image: Getty and Instagram/@mailorderbrydie


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