Kim K's driver released from custody; was "never a suspect in the first place"

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The limo company he works for says he was detained "for testimony purposes" only

We know what you're thinking. "Will this news cycle never end?"

To be brutally honest with you, probably not. About five new pieces of breaking news are breaking daily this week regarding the arrest of Kim Kardashian's Paris attackers and this is likely not the last.

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Michael Madar, the limo driver who was responsible for carting Kim's covetable butt around Paris during S/S 2016/17 Fashion Week, has been released from custody. Up until this morning, he was suspected of being complicit in what French police believe was an "inside job". Rumour had it that he had kept the robbers abreast of Kim's whereabouts during her Paris jaunt.

According the UNIC Worldpass, the limo company Madar works for, he was never even a suspect to begin with. UNIC told TMZ earlier that Madar had been detained "for testimony purposes" only.

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In an understandable instance of reputation protection, they are insisting that neither he nor the company had any connection to the violent October robbery.

There are sure to be more twists by the day's end, so we'll keep you updated as more back-and-forth claims emerge.

Buckle your seatbelts and grab the popcorn. It's gonna be a hell of a week.

Written By Kirsty Sier