Kim K Copping Flack For Throwing Major Shade At Taylor Swift

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Kim Kardashian has been posting some adorbs family content on her ‘gram as of late. Including a video of Chicago West being a badass one-year-old and handling a snake like it’s totally nothing. 

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My brave girl Chicago

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If someone handed us a snake at that age (or now) we would have collapsed into a fit of tears or screeched until the snake died. Or something along these lines. 

Basically, like many Australians, we’re a not really ‘snake’ people despite popular (mis)belief. 

Mild horror aside, Kardashian fans reckon there’s an alternative meaning to the video.

‘Cause everyone and their pet knows snake symbolism harks back to the Kanye West vs Taylor Swift feud circa 2009. 

"You Let Chi play with Taylor Swift? Bold. Proud of you," one user wrote, while another commended "Chicago owning Taylor Swift... WE STAN!!!!!"

The same post is also drawing the ire of animal activists and mummy-shamers alike: 

“They are not toys for spoilt brats! That is a living animal and the way she is handling it is appaling [sic]! Teach your kid some respect for living beings!” wrote one. 

“She’s wilding out on that poor snake,” added another, while one user said: “Maybe you should teach her how to hold it properly and not fkn hurt it ! Nice job letting ur little kid move and grab a snake in a painful way for the little creature.”

We’re just in awe of Chicago and her snake-holding badassery. 

And loling at the “you let Chi play with Taylor Swift” line TBH.


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Written By Brynn Davies