Khloe Kardashian Blasted For Photoshop Fail

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This is the worst one yet.


Another day, another Photoshop fail from the Kardashians. 

Today's victim of the body altering phenomenon: Khloe. 

She used to be the most relatable of the clan but lately her Photoshop fails are proving otherwise. She posted a photo of herself at Diana Ross’s 75th birthday party, where she wore gold gown and had a huge curly fro.

Many followers blasted the reality star over cultural appropriation:

While others were more focused on the Photoshop fail that has led Queen Khloe to have 14 FINGERS!

Surely someone is going to get the boot for this and end up at the homeless shelter with Jordyn Woods.

Let's zoom in and count the fingers:

Naturally the keyboard warriors are out in full force:

Look, Photoshop is a highly respected art form and needs to be used carefully or one shall end up looking completely distorted.

Image;: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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They’re “putting the band back together.”

"To my fans, if you really love me..."