Kevin Hart And Tiffany Haddish Voice Aussie Animals And We're Crying

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Also, do not throw things at Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish have got to be the greatest duo of our time. 

So we jumped like Snowball when we were given the opportunity to chat to the BFFs.

If you're a Kevin Hart fan like us, you will know he is vastly afraid of animals.

But for his new film, The Secret Life Of Pets 2, many of the characters are seen overcoming their fears so we wanted to see where he stands now:

Yep, the fear's still there. Clearly he hasn't taken any advice from Snowball. 

Being the incredible comedians they are, the duo have created two of the most loveable characters, Snowball and Daisy. 

We thought we could give them a few of our favourite Aussie animals to create a character too:

If anyone wants to make a movie about a cassowary, we vote Tiffany Haddish voices it. 

Kevin and Tiffany have an incredible BFF history. They both came from humble beginnings, with Kevin growing up poor in Philadelphia and working his way from stand-up comedian to, well, Kevin Hart. 

Kevin watched Tiffany wake her way up the showbiz ladder. He helped her when she was a struggling comedian living in her car where he lent her $300 to go and figure out her goals.

Tiffany then went on to hold her own in the all-star cast of Girls Trip.

It's now been reported that Tiffany could be a possible host for next year's Academy Awards. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Kevin says:

"I have known Tiffany for quite some time. Very talented comedian, now turning into an actress. At the success of Girls Trip and seeing how she pops in a film, we felt that adding her to the cast was a magnificent bonus."

Written By Christina Cavaleri