Kayla Itsines Cut Down By Followers For Post-Baby Pics

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Transformation trouble.

Fitness guru and Instagram mega-star Kayla Itsines is facing backlash for posting photos of her body’s transformation post-birth. 

It’s been a mere three weeks since she announced the birth of her baby girl, Arna, to her 11.5million Insta followers. 

And while some have congratulated the high-profile trainer on her post-birth weight loss, others have criticised her for setting unreal body standards. 

The creator of the Bikini Body Guide has been posting comparison photos in the weeks since she gave birth, while encouraging her followers to practice self-love and acceptance. 

Commenters have hit back at the photos, with many expressing their concerns over their impact on post-pregnancy expectations. 

“These photos are so dangerous, make other mums feel like they should already be back to `normal',” one fan wrote.

“I am all for supporting women but I don’t think it’s uplifting to post something that focuses on your thinness after two or three weeks after giving birth,” posted another. 

One commenter observed: “Hmmmm your 3 weeks post baby is better than my 263 week post baby.” 

“Is this suppose to inspire women? An athletic women showing she’s still athletic? This is not helpful to anyone. Who is she preaching too?” someone else added. 

The Adelaide-based entrepreneur, who is estimated to have a net worth of $486 million with her fiance Tobi Pearce, clarified her reason for posting post-baby body updates:

“To be clear, I’m not posting these as ‘transformations posts’, nor am I concerned with my weight loss post pregnancy,” she said of her comparison images. 

“I’m simply showing you my journey, which many of the #BBGcommunity have asked to see. I’m so excited to go on this journey.

“As a personal trainer, all I can hope for you ladies is that you feel encouraged to do the same regardless of whether you have just given birth or not, celebrate your body and the gift that it is.”


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Written By Brynn Davies