Karl Stefanovic’s decision to stay at Channel Nine was a “mistake”

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And sealed his fate in the process. 

Karl Stefanovics fall from grace over the last four years is a hot topic that isn’t losing traction any time soon. 

In fact, recent reports from news.com.au suggest Karl could have saved himself with a single simple decision: moving networks.  

According to the publication, rival network Seven tried multiple times to sign the host but accepted defeat in 2015 as Nine offered Stefanovic a monster deal he couldn’t refuse. 

This comes just days after The Sunday Telegraph revealed “top-level sources at Channel Nine” told them that the network was planning to sack Stefanovic from Today.


And that’s not all.

Industry executives and people in Karl’s inner-circle told news.com.au this decision “was a mistake.”

“He was sick of (the Today show). He wanted something more,” they told the publication.

David Leckie, former Seven boss, seemingly supports this view. 

Leckie first tried to snag Stefanovic for Seven in 2008 and also told news.com.au the decision was the wrong one. 

“He was clearly absolutely buggered with it [Today] — the early morning call. And he wanted to have something else,” he said. 

“If it worked he could’ve made it anything he liked. It was a gamble but we were hardly going to send him poor with our deal.”

The publication also report that Leckie offered Stefanovic the chance to host a late talk show, like an Australian Jimmy Kimmel.

“He would’ve been a natural,” he’s quoted as saying.

Still, Stefanovic refused the offer. 

And the rest is history.

Or is it?

Karl himself weighed in on the debate this morning, indirectly mocking media speculation while on air for Today. 

Talking to sports presenter Tim Gilbert about reports surrounding the NRL’s Burgess brothers, Stefanovic said, “you've just got to ignore” the “stuff written about you.”

Images: Channel Nine / Today


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