JLo's age-defying nude photoshoot is serious goals

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If nothing makes you start using moisturiser JLo will.

JLo has once again proven herself to be not-of-this-earth in a recent photoshoot with InStyle Magazine.

And what exactly do we mean by that?

Well folks, just take a gander. You'll understand:

Ridonkulous right?

Jennifer Lopez, at forty-effing-nine-years-old proves that not only is age not a 'thing' but that curtains are a suitable outfit (and sure to dominate ~fashun~ trends next season).

Okay, technically, it's a super glittery Valentino Haute Couture cape with Bvlgari jewelry and Christian Louboutin heels but you get the drift.

Keen to try a run at the ensemble? The cape also comes with a blouse and shorts according to InStyle Editor in Chief Laura Brown.

As part of the mag coverage, JLo also featured in a video about reinventing yourself for which literally Step One is 'Age is just a number'. 

“You’re here until you’re dead so might as well do shit. Do as much as you can," she can be heard saying.

"It’s such an antiquated way of thinking; ‘women over certain age’"

You can watch the full chat below:

P.S. We also spoke to a plastic surgeon to find out what was going on with JLo looking so damn FOINE. You can read the full chat here.

Meanwhile, we'll be sitting at home doing our best recreation of this:

Image: Instagram / JLo


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