Jessika Power Worries Fans With Bruises Across Chest

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MAFS' contestant Jessika Power made headlines last week after revealing a whoppin' $50K spent on nips and tucks. 

She told New Idea her plastic surgery rap sheet includes, veneers, lip fillers and cheek fillers as well as new additions; a breast lift and autologous fat graft  ($16K). Oh, and she also dyed her hair (and extensions) pink to really top it all off. 

With her new look - all ready, Jess has been posting up a storm on the 'gram.

Only thing is, she's still healing a bit.

Fans noticed the bruises asking,"Why all the bruises?" and "Why is your chest all bruised?".

Jessika replied to one, saying she had "fat from my thighs injected into my chest xxx."

Jessika spoke up about the "fat transfer" in her chat with New Ideal, revealing she'd gone from a B-cup to a D-cup.

"Throughout the show I was criticised for my fake lips and my fake this or that, so the last thing I needed to do was go and get fake boobs and just add more hate to the fire," she explained.

All the hullabloo about bruises aside, Jess also scored a plethora of comments about her eyelashes, nails and hair. 

So, she's definitely doing something right.

Image: Instagram / Jessika Power

Written By Ally Parker

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