The internet ruthlessly trolls Karl Stefanovic after Instagram hacking claims

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"Perhaps it was the Russians??"

Between getting stepping down from the Today Show to getting married to Jasmine Yarbrough in a lavish ceremony Mexico, Karl Stefanovic had quite the wild end to 2018.

And now he's starting 2019 in exactly the same fashion. 

Channel Nine recently announced that Deborah Knight will join Georgie Gardner as a host for the Today Show, giving breakfast TV its first ever all-female hosting line-up.

Following the announcement, the dark corners of the internet decided to perk up and leave a number of negative comments on social media mocking Today's new line-up.

Now here's where it gets juicy, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Karl had seemingly "liked" a number of these gross comments on Instagram.

Following this little revelation, Karl claimed that his Instagram was "hacked" while he was out fishing and someone else was accessing his account.

Despite Karl's claims of being hacked, some people aren't buying his excuse and responded in the only way the internet knows how - merciless trolling.

In response to Karl's "hacking" post on Instagram, several users mocked his excuse and went to town with a heap of jokes.

Here are just some of the comments fans left on Karl's Instagram post:

"Bloody Russians are all over Insta at the moment."

"You get p****d and go rogue again? Classic you."

"Hacked!! Perhaps it was the Russians??"

"It was Wikileaks!"

"Probably just your ex wife..."

"The dog looks suspicious."

Now it's still not confirmed what exactly happened with Karl's Instagram or whether it was he (or someone else) behind the recent deluge of activity on his account, but the only thing we can say with certainty is that the internet definitely had its fun with the whole saga.

Image Credit: The Today Show/Channel Nine


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Written By Alexander Pan