The internet erupts as Kim Kardashian shares ridiculously X rated Instagram pic

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She does it so well. In a cooking pot of cliche and nudity, Kim Kardashian has pushed the boundaries on Instagram with an extremely racy selfie.

There are five things we know for sure about Kim Kardashian:

- She made a sex tape once

- She’s married to Kanye West

- She has two kids - Saint and North

- She loves a selfie

- And it’s only a matter of time between snaps that she will inevitably get her kit off for the camera again

That last fact couldn’t ring more true today, as we discuss with you her latest Instagram snap, which is X rated, to say the least.

Posting to her 62.4 million Insta-fans just three months after giving birth to son Saint West, Kim has sent the internet into shock with this naked selfie, where her nipples are covered by two black bars. (Because, ya know, class ’n stuff)

The pic is captioned “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”.

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

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This time though, was a little different to other times.

This time, her fans knew what she was doing.

Because let’s be honest, when does Kim Kardashian not have anything to wear?

One person commented: 

“She knows exactly what she is doing. She breaks the internet here and there to stay relevant.”

“Nothing to wear??? U probably have enough money to put clothes on the whole of great britain!” Another wrote.

“Problems problems!!! Take a real look at the world! Stop navel gazing,” wrote another.

Kim’s hair is blonde in the pic, so some are saying it was from that time she went peroxide blonde, way before getting pregnant with Saint.

Perhaps it’s time for a new routine for Kimmy K?

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Paris flashback BTS on my app! #LinkInBio

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Written By Emily Whitham