Instagram model Tammy Hembrow accused of major Photoshop fail

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Tammy Hembrow


Most of us know her for a somewhat embarrassing exit from Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday bash, but in truth, Tammy Hembrow made her mark modelling on Instagram.

While most of her followers on the platform do so for her body-forward posts, several have hit out at the Aussie mum-of-two, accusing her of faking her look with Photoshop.

The post in question sees the 24-year-old posing in a pool clad in a pink bikini but before we share what has provoked the ire of fans, can you spot it?

In case you didn't spot it, fans believe Tammy has Photoshopped her hips/waist to make her body look different.

"I love the hell outta her but why are the tiles so bent?" wrote one follower.

Others wrote, "Photoshop Level 3000" and "there’s something not right about the bellybutton miss."

Since her original post approximately 24-hours ago, Tammy has updated the post to read:

"Edit: before another person comments on how the tiles are ‘photoshopped’ plz take another look and realise the tiles curve because they curve into what I’m sitting on lol it’s literally how the pool is. I post plenty of vids of my bod if u wanna check up on it."

Other social media users have jumped to the fitness pro's aid, explaining that the tile is clearly curved into the pool and praising her efforts at the gym.

"It’s bullnose tile," wrote one user. 

"They are used wherever there is an edge to conceal cut tiles , so as a fourth generation tile company owner and mechanic I’ll back you up , it was the tile guy hiding flaws not you."

Image: Instagram / Tammy Hembrow


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Written By Ally Parker