Ines Basic Slammed For Photoshopping Her Latest Insta

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We can’t look away.

Look to be fair, it's rare to find a photo on social media these days that hasn't been Photoshopped. 

But Married At First Sight star Ines Basic is copping it hard from social media users on her latest Instagram.

The racy shot of the reality star in a spaghetti strap dress appears to be leaning on a chair. 

However, we can't exactly see her knee. 

Has it been smoothed out or is it simply resting on the chair?

Ines has since responded to the haters with a tongue in cheek response about her ‘missing’ knee:

"Left it at the skate park after rollerblading. Going back tomorrow to pick it up."

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in the mood to hit some Mariah Ariana notes @houseofcb

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After staring at the photo for far longer than we care to admit it does seem like her right knee is on the chair.

But then does that make her left knee higher than her right?

Okay everyone, back to work. 

Image: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri