Ines Basic Reveals New Boyfriend In Instagram Post

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“I am you, you are me, we are one."

You’d think with Bachie season well and truly underway, the stars of Married At First Sight would be booted out of the spotlight.

Not so for last season’s chief villain, Ines Basic, who has made headlines after teasing her new boyfriend in a series of Insta posts. 

Posting to her Stories, Ines shared a video of her and an unidentified mystery man getting cosy on a couch. 

Draping her legs over the fella, she captioned the video: "Can't wait to go surfing in the morning together. I am you, you are me, we are one."

Another video hinted that the pair have been an item for some time, captioned: 

"Evidence that he's growing patience"

The news comes after Ines and fellow MAFS villain Jessika Power slammed the show which made them famous in an interview with Maxim

Ines went as far as to say she regrets even signing up for the show:

"If I had to redo the show, I would never sign up to go on it," she told the publication.

“My only regrets are giving people my time of day when they didn’t deserve it. Deep down I knew they weren’t worth my time and they would never make it to my future."

She says the show was "way too controlled" and warns other reality star hopefuls to stay away.

"Probably just stay at home. It’s full-on. The filming hours are long, the conversation you engage in is directed by producers… it’s all very controlled. 

“You can’t speak unless there is film crew around, you can’t do anything you want because you’re closely monitored at all times."

Cool cool, but what we really wanna know is who’s the mystery guy, Ines? 



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