Hugh Jackman reports Ryan Reynolds makes Blake Lively 'insane'

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We've lost track of what's going on here...

The Hollywood "feud" between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been escalating over the last few weeks, and it's been supremely entertaining to be perfectly honest.

But now we're entering into new territory. Yes, we've said that before when Hugh and Ryan slandered each other with "ads" (which were actually just lighthearted plugs of each other and their projects), but we've genuinely hit new waters now.

That's because Blake Lively is officially involved.

Hugh shared a new photo to Instagram which shows Ryan and Blake having an "argument" at a café called the Laughing Man Coffee Company.

So how is the Wolverine star involved exactly? Well he happens to be the owner of the café, which means he kinda had a hand in this (faux) marital "spat".

"Our policy at [Laughing Man Coffee] is to make customers happy - not drive them insane (exhibit A = [Ryan Reynolds). [Blake Lively] your coffee is on the house ... forever."

We've seen some low blows in this Jackman vs Reynolds "feud" - all of which has brought a smile to our face - but this is arguably our favourite because Blake totally sells it with her take as a "exasperated coffee customer".

Seeing has how Ryan declared "war" on Hugh recently, let's see how the Deadpool star responds because we're frothing for more dumb shenanigans from the pair.

With Blake now in the mix, here's hoping she gets more involved in all this dumb fun. 

Image credit: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images


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Written By Alexander Pan