Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' petty Hollywood feud is getting even worse

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This is getting out of hand (and we love it).

Folks, the Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds "feud" has hit a new low (high?) because it's officially gone from nasty to outright petty.

To recap what's happened so far, first Ryan 'slammed' Hugh for being a "monster" (which culminated in a hug). 

Hugh then responded by sharing a video in which his dog poops on a picture of Ryan dressed as Deadpool.

And now the Artist formerly known as Logan (Hugh coined it himself, not us) has decided to strike first by sharing a new PSA video on his Instagram in which he 'reveals' the truth: Ryan only became famous because of Hugh.

From the Deadpool star's movie career to his Sexiest Man Alive accolade, everything was possible because Hugh vouched for him for the 2009 Wolverine movie.

Ooof, that's a petty blow and a half.

Talk about lobbing a vicious first strike to the opposition.

Okay, so Hugh's PSA is also about supporting the Fudge Cancer charity at the same time, but let's be honest, we're here mainly for the (faux) spat.

Knowing Ryan's modus operandi, he's gonna strike back with a fury that would make Wolverine's claws shake.

And we are absolutely HERE for whatever comes next because this is the content we absolutely frothing for right now.

We may not get that Wolverine and Deadpool crossover movie, but seeing Hugh and Ryan trade (lighthearted) barbs over social media is a perfectly suitable alternative.

May their bromance live on forever and not get impaled on a tree like Logan anytime soon.

Image: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images


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