How does Rob Mills feel about Paris Hilton nowadays?

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Rob Mills is over being asked about his relationship with Paris Hilton. Here’s what he said.

Imagine a boyfriend or girlfriend you dated like, 12 years ago.

Seems like a lifetime ago, right?

Like, you probably don’t even think about that person, let alone know what they’re up to - unless you’re mates or whatever.

Now pick that situation up and plonk it on Rob Mills.

That’s how he feels about Paris Hilton.

rob mils

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Or, more specifically - that’s how he feels about TALKING about Paris Hilton.

Every time he has an interview with some form of media, they HAVE to ask him about his relationship with Paris Hilton… 

“Why do you care? …What does it matter about someone I with 12 years ago?” He revealed when he chatted with Chrissie, Sam and Browny this morning in “Chrissie’s Cone Of Silence”.

Sheesh, when you put it like that Millsy, it’s bloody fair enough! 

“What if someone asked you - ‘hey mate were you with Katie 12 years ago?’ ‘Yeah I was - mate tell me all about that’ - ‘oh mate, tell me about that two week experience 12 years ago…’”

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In the meantime, Millsy’s sexuality has been in question after he admitted to the fact that he had “pashed blokes”.

In an exclusive with Emma Rusciano, when she asked him “Are you a little bit gay?”

His response was, “Just a little bit”.

He said he never denied any rumours that he was bisexual - “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve never denied any rumours or innuendo…”

So now with that context down pat, let’s go back to Chrissie’s Cone Of Silence this morning… Millsy took the opportunity to clear up the speculation after his interview with Emma.

“I just like people - I am in love with my girlfriend now, we’ve been together for two years.”

There you go, guys. Speculation can rest once more.

Listen to the chat below.

Written By Emily Whitham